Relocation Services

Empathy Relocations is the most favored and reliable corporate relocation service provider in India. We understand companies need ongoing employee support, candidate selection, supplier management, cost management and best relocation services in for the overall management process undertaken by the companies. Corporate relocation services needs may vary from company to company, in terms of size, destination or needs.

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Empathy Corporate Relocations is here to make your work easier. Let us take care of your employees on the move, by ensuring their timely arrival at a new location. We can do it in a way that can fit comfortably as per your relocation policy.

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The decision of moving can be distracting and stressful, The Empathy Relocations, the best moving company has a solution to all your relocation requirements, so that you stay focused on your important work. We are always here to help you, whether the decision of your move is taken by you or your company.

We have the team of expert relocation consultants who can provide the leading edge to your company. Our corporate relocation management services will help your organization in the following ways –

International Relocation

We have a dedicated team to provide efficient international relocation services. We provide support to working employees to relocate securely and safely across the world. We can answer all your queries regarding customs, language, tax issues, currency, and residency needs.

Get Ready for Best International Move

Moving between states is one thing and relocating between nations is another. It has different legal requirements. It needs a lot of planning to make an international move. To secure lodging and airline tickets, at least 90 days of time is required in advance. At Empathy Relocations, we make your international move a lot simpler. We provide end to end service at destination and origin.

Domestic Corporate Relocation

These days, moving wokforce has been on the rise. Our relocation experts know how to drive your organizational cost low without having to sacrifice quality and staff satisfaction.

One of the important reasons why we are one of the top relocation companies is that we ensure our best practices to provide relocation services which are designed to meet your organizational goals. Our domestic mobility services are tailored according to your unique needs.

With the most tenured talent in the industry, we deliver exceptional results with our services. Despite the nature and size of your company, we will work with you to design a unique program which is developed as cost effective and flexible in the current mobility market.


Home Search

Are You Looking for a Right House in a New Country?

Looking for a right home which is best suited for your employee and their family is very vital to ensure success of the whole project.

Our experienced relocation consultants will assist your staff in the whole selection process and find a home which is most suited for their needs, in a location which is both convenient and safe for the family.

They have extensive knowhow about the neighborhoods to ensure meeting all requirements. We are your one-stop solution for all your corporate relocation needs to make things easier under one roof. From packing and moving to looking for an ideal home within your budget, we can assist you to find the right fit for you in any city you like.

All you need to give us your specifications and requirements about –

Services Offered

Different cities have different terms and conditions when it comes to rentals. Hence, conditions are likely to vary city by city.

We work on the ground proactively to help the assignees as well as their families in all aspects of expatriate home search tours of desired neighborhoods. Along with it, we also accompany them to preview the properties according to their requirements and budgets. Once your employee selects a property, we will take over and work on reviewing and negotiating lease agreements upon completion.

School Search

Helping Expats to Fulfill Tough Relocation Needs

Looking for the perfect school can be a tough challenge for expatriates who are moving in with their family to their new community or home. They may even return early or delay the appointment because they are worried to secure their children’s future.

Why Choose Us?

We understand your employees may want to look for the best school for their children,where they can rest assured that the future of their children is in right hands. This is why we specialize in providing School Search services for exceptional expertise and assistance to the parents, such as –

How Our School Search Program Works?

It takes a lot of time and research to find a right school for your kids. We can help your relocating employees choose the best school for their kids and fulfill the placement process with our school search program.

We connect expatriates to our responsible and experienced education consultant who starts needs analysis, searches for best schools and provides details on these institutions, assists with paperwork, arranges school visits, and facilitates the admittance and enrollment process. With our unique approach, you can rest assured to get proper awareness and knowledge of family’s requirements, along with family-based concerns, along with alignment with settling-in and housing program.

We understand you want your relocating employees to be focused and productive from the time when they land into their new location. But you shouldn’t overlook their concerns about their children’s future. Concerns on schooling for their kids is one of the main reasons relocating employees cannot accept the assignments overseas and such concerns are also the reason for their early return from project.

We work closely with our real estate and relocation consultant to ensure that the selection of home, timing of move, and school choices are coordinated. We provide a huge range of solutions to meet any budget or specific need.

By working with our School Search program, you can ease your employees’ minds and prevent distraction of ineffective or prolonged school search. They can find the best possible environment for their loved children and you can ensure their productivity to rise.

Settling In

When moving overseas, settling in is, by far, one of the most challenging aspects of relocation. Expats should plan their move in advance properly and ensure all the tasks related to leaving their home country can be completed before their physical move to a new location.

But some people may not consider what they have to do once they arrive in another country and it is common for them to find unwanted surprises when they move in an unknown country without any friends and living among people with completely different lifestyles and beliefs.

Don’t worry! Empathy Relocations has the solution…

Post finalizing an apartment and finally moving into another country, we help your employees in settling down. We provide assistance regarding

Along with it, we also provide the following Settling in Services –

Well being of your family and settling into new environment seamlessly are some of the major concerns when it comes to arriving at your own home.

At Empathy Relocations, we strive hard to make this process as smooth as possible. We provide helpful advice to the expats on banking, and transport facilities.

Tenancy Management

Having a vacant property or renting the property  to tenants  which cannot be monitored properly. There is always a risk who can ruin your property, especially if you live outside the nation or far away from your property. It is always recommended to get the property maintained by professionals.

We provide tenancy management solutions which cover property monitoring and repairs to ensure proper security and safety of your home.

We will help you collect rent, manage repair & property management for your tenant, manage minor issues and ensure periodic reporting and inspection, making it ideal for expatriates or people who cannot manage it due to busy schedules.

Our Tenancy Management Services Include

Inventory Inspection

We will assess your property, make inventory list of all the items at your home (i.e. fixtures, furniture etc.) and take pictures.

Rental Agreement

We are here to help you finalize and draft the lease/rental agreement with tenant..

Explaining Responsibilities and Restrictions to Tenant

We can explain all the restrictions, limitations, and responsibilities of a tenant about the usage of property when signing the lease/rental agreement.

Inventory Check on Exit

On termination or end of lease period, we will do a proper inventory check on entry as well as exit of your tenant and match it with the inventory list. Against which report is generated shared with owner and tenant.

Maintenance Support & Rent Collection

We can collect and deposit rental cheques in your bank according to your instruction. We will send a scanned copy of deposit receipt to your email.

Or we can provide the turnaround maintenance on business days on requests of the tenants for plumbing and electrical issues which cannot be managed by nearest maintenance staff. 

Proper Inspections

On need basis or at periodic intervals, four inspections can be done in a year. With prior appointment, actual visit will take place, as per the availability of tenant. After inspection, we will send a report.

Payment of Utility Bills

We can make utility bill payments like water, electricity, maintenance etc. Such type of assistance is limited to direct payments from the clients.

Home Repairs and Improvements

We are here to help you in home repairs and improvements with our vast network with reliable vendors. We are providing services, such as modular kitchens, interiors, wardrobes, home security and automation, rainwater harvesting, solar power, painting, water proofing and sundry repair.

Departure/Repatriation Service

Repatriation is the process when an employee moves back from India to their home country. The reason may be voluntarily (when an employee decides to leave the country and return back to their home country), or officially (when the project is over or when they have to go back to their host country for legal reasons).

Here’s how Empathy Relocations will help you in all demanding repatriation processes –

Accommodation – It is is the first and foremost process which matters. If you live in a rented apartment, inform your landlord regarding departure before the pre-defined notice period or you may incur extra costs. This way, we send advance notification to your landlords about your returning to your home country in due time.

Immigration – Immigration is another important step for your departure process. If you have lived in India for a longer period and submitted your citizenship you have to look into existing entry requirements for your home country. You might also need to get your original citizenship back. Visit the authorized immigration authority site. We can help Indian expats to repatriate to India and apply for restoration of citizenship.

Inform Tax Authorities – Before you leave the country, we can also send a notification to your concerning tax authorities. If you leave in the mid of tax year, you might face tax obligations in the country for the rest of tax year.

Unsubscribe Utility Connections– In your host country, we are your helping hand to cancel all the services and subscriptions, such as sports club memberships, Newspaper, Satellite Box, Internet connection, Mobile Phone etc. We recommend you to check cancellation policies of all providers because they may have a specific notice period.

Bank Account / Credit Card Closure – We also send notice to your bank that you are leaving the nation so you can transfer your savings into your international account, so that Bank can proceed and close your account. It’s up to you whether you keep your bank account open, especially if you are getting income in India.

Currently, our services are available for Delhi  and we are expanding our services in all across India shortly.