MD Profile

MD Profile

Ms. Samrridhi Kumar

(Managing Director)







Ms. Samrridhi Kumar is the visionary Managing Director of Empathy Relocations. She is a well-recognized name in Expat Management services for years when she initially ventured into the industry. Belongs to the team of creative professionals, she is a well-educated, independent lady who is aspiring to provide value-added services to the people shifting their households. Since the time she joined the company, she has been instrumental in the overall growth of it. She is independently looking forward for the further expansion of the company and she has diversified her interest into Corporate Relocation services.

She also has several major decisions of the company under her credit. She has exceptional knowledge and experience in Indian regulations and corporate relocations to work with her colleagues and peers. Currently, she is leading an active running company in India providing widest range of Relocations & Immigration services, such as Home Search, School Search, Settling In, Departure Service, FRRO/ Residence Permit Registration & Extension, Indian Visa Extension, Consular Visa Assistance, Car Rental & several other services for an End-to-End Relocation support. Currently, she is a strong pillar of strength & Passionate professional of the company.