City Orientation/ Look See Program

Our Look See Program is a very vital part of our corporate relocation services. But it is often overlooked by most relocated employees because of different reasons –

Due to the challenging corporate scenario these days, most successful companies want to move their staff to improve their presence and crack multi-million deals overseas. So, they send the best men in the companies abroad with an expectation to “Make it Big”.

Assumptions of what works at their home countries must work abroad do more harm than good. The very skill set which has done wonders for the team could lead you to disastrous situations because of cultural differences and several other factors. Along with it, moving to a foreign country can lead to great trouble to the families of Expats and stress to them.

Major Challenges that Expats and their Families face:

Benefits of Look See Program

The purpose of our Look See Program is to introduce your employee, their spouse, and family to the environment, culture and lifestyle in India and to provide an insight to their place of residence in future. The trip lasts basically for one week. We recommend expats to plan this trip at least one or two months earlier, before they make their permanent move.

First of all, we provide all the vital information about the city and the country as part of our welcome package, which includes details about culture, cost of living, schools, desirable neighborhoods, and car ownership.

According to the duration of assignment or even though it is a permanent relocation, we will provide some of the temporary housing solutions. They may also visit some of the houses for rent & to move into when their households arrive.

If your employee has children, they may also want to visit schools to meet the needs of their children. Our Look See Program also covers shopping venues, emergency facilities, supermarkets, banks, pharmacies etc.

Our Look and See Programs provide some more information about new environment in order to reduce their stress when finally making a move with family. This way, an employee can be more focused on their new work to improve productivity and to ensure smoother transition.

What to Expect with Our Look See Program?

The Look See Program at Empathy Relocations is aimed to equip an employee with all the important details so they can make an informed decision regarding the global assignment. In employee’s home country, we provide complete overview before they travel to the new location. When your employee arrives in their destination country for look see, our consultant provides complete city information related to housing, healthcare, schools, and recreational facilities.

At Empathy Relocation, every program is unique and customized to the unique needs of the transferees. Basically, our Look See Program consists of –

General overview of cost of living in the city with focus on –

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